Promo Codes

Increase sales by giving your ticket buyers a discount. Create your own promotion code, set a percentage or dollar amount off per ticket, and distribute to potential attendees. Attendees may enter one discount per order. Promotions have start and end dates as well as an activation flag, all of which can be edited. Once a promotion code has been used by a buyer, the type and amount of the promotion cannot be altered.

Creating a Promotion Code

Log in to your Ticket River account, find your event under “My Events”, navigate the left-hand toolbar, and select Promo Codes. From this section select Add Promotion and a screen will appear that allows you to create a new code. In the first line enter the code you would like ticket buyers to enter at checkout. Remember ticket buyers will need to enter the same exact code in order to receive the discount.

Next, determine if you would like to offer a percentage or dollar discount and enter the amount of the discount. This will apply to every ticket purchased at check out. Finally, select more options and set the start and end date for the promotion. If you leave the end date blank it will leave the promotion code open until the event has finished. Save the promotion and then announce it to your ticket buyers. Learn more about the Email Invite feature to help get the word out.
Add Promotion

Edit, Remove, View Usage

To edit a promotion code simply click the edit icon. To remove a promotion code simply click the remove icon. To track sales for a specific promotion, select the view usage icon in line with the promotion code. The sales report will display the discount amount as well as the amount paid by the ticket buyer during checkout. Service and processing fees are applied after the promotion has been entered so don’’t worry, you won’’t be charged for being generous!

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