How do I resend or change an email address for a ticket purchase?

Ticket River makes it easy to resend or to change the email address for ticket purchasers.

Resend Ticket Confirmation Email

The process for re-sending a confirmation email is the same regardless of the fulfillment option you select (will call or print at home). Log in to your Ticket River account and navigate to your event dashboard. From you event dashboard you will see a toolbar on the left side of the page. In the toolbar under “Reports” select “Orders.”

You can search for the specific order by entering the performance name, ticket type, order reference number, buyer name or email. For best search results, fill in as many fields as possible. In the orders table select the details icon to view each individual ticket purchase for a specific order. A table will appear at the bottom of the page showing the details of the order you selected.

From this table simply click Resend or Resend All. The ticket buyer will then receive a new email with their ticket order.


Change an Email Address

To change an email address follow the same steps to resend a ticket. When you click Resend or Resend All a screen will pop allowing you to change the email address you are sending the ticket to. Simply enter the changed email address in the Send to email address field.

Resend Email

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