Sales Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard enables you to easily view a summary of ticket sales for your event. Here you may view your total online and offline sales and total sales over time. The graph next to the sales summary can be changed to show daily, weekly, or monthly sales. The performance menu shows all tickets that have been sold through your Ticket River event page for specific performances. The Online Stats section of Performance Overview shows all tickets that have been sold through your Ticket River event page. The Complimentary and Check/Cash Sales section allows you to see all the tickets sold offline.

You may also view ticket sales for each ticket type you have created. The ticket sales table is an excellent place to determine how many tickets are still available for sale and which ticket types are your top sellers. You can also easily view your total revenue, total Ticket River service fees, and any discounts which may apply.

Important Note: Income does not include payment processing fees if you have selected PayPal as your payment processor. PayPal charges a variable rate of 1.9% – 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. You will pay this fee directly to PayPal at the time of each transaction, so fees are not reflected on your ticket sales summary. The Sales Dashboard is a summary of your ticket sales. For a more detailed analysis visit the “Orders” section.


Sales Dashboard

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