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The Ticket River sales widget allows you to sell tickets directly on your website or blog. To add a sales widget to your website or blog simply log in to your account and navigate to “Sales Widget” in the left hand tool bar. From this area you can see a preview of the sales widget. Select your performance and specify a height for the widget. For most event hosts we recommend using the default height of 350.

To embed the sales widget to your website you will need to copy and paste the HTML code to the text section. If you are unsure how to do this contact your web developer or one of our friendly customer support members would be happy to help. Once you have the sales widget on your website or blog you can update your ticket plan and it will automatically update on your sales widget. This means it is easy to add or remove tickets without creating a new sales widget.

Sales Widget restriction include:

  • Not available for reserved seating events
  • Not available for private events
  • Each performance has a separate widget

Important Note: Please make sure that your website supports iframes so the widget works correctly on your website.

For Multiple Performances

If you have multiple performances be sure to select the correct performance from the drop-down menu when creating your sales widget. You will create a sales widget for each performance. Having separate widget for each performance allows you flexibility to sell tickets to each performance differently. Learn more about multiple performance or multiple ticketing plans.

Performance 1

Performance 2


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