Ticket River Mobile Check In App

Ticket River’s mobile check in app enables event hosts to quickly scan print-at-home tickets and check in attendees at the venue. Install the Ticket River Check In app on your iPhone or iPod Touch and turn your device into a mobile ticket scanner. Quickly scan barcodes on Ticket River’s print-at-home tickets or look up attendees by name and check them in manually.

  • Scan print-at-home tickets or check attendees in manually.
  • Syncs with multiple devices scanning simultaneously.
  • View sales report and attendance summary.



Once the Ticket River Check In app is installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch, log in using the same username and password as you use to log in on Ticket River. Once logged in to the app, you will see a list of all events you are hosting. If you are only hosting one event on Ticket River or other events you have hosted have already finished, you will only see one event listed on this screen. Select the event and the performance to view your guest list.

Mobile Login


There are two ways to check in attendees:

1) If your event was set up with print-at-home tickets, attendees will print these off and bring them to the venue for entry. You can quickly scan each print-at-home ticket and validate by selecting “Scan” in the upper right corner on your guest list page. Point the scanner at the barcode displayed on each print-at-home ticket. Once the barcode is scanned, the app will return a message indicating if the ticket is valid or invalid.

2) If you did not send attendees print-at-home tickets, you can still use the Ticket River app to check in attendees to your event. Simply select the attendee’s name on the guest list. The tickets the attendee has purchased will unfold beneath their name and you can manually check tickets in by selecting the “+” icon in line with the ticket type.

Mobile Guest List             Mobile Scan



Invalid Tickets

When a print-at-home ticket is scanned, the app will indicate if the ticket is valid (admit) or invalid (do not admit). Invalid tickets are often either valid tickets for a different performance or the attendee made a copy of their print-at-home ticket and gave it to a friend. In either case, you should not admit the guest for entry.


Multiple Entry Points

Ticket River Check In is designed to work on multiple devices checking in attendees simultaneously. Having multiple devices should help you reduce lines at the venue gate and check in attendees more quickly. The guest list syncs between devices after every ticket is scanned or checked in. It’s important that you have WiFi or cellular service to make sure the devices can sync properly.


Performance Stats

You can easily view a summary of how many tickets have been checked in to your performance. Select “Stats” at the top of your guest list. You will see each ticket type for your event and a count of tickets. The count is displayed as: Count of tickets checked in / Count of tickets sold / Count of tickets available for sale. For example, 35 / 40 / 60 would mean there were 60 tickets available for sale on Ticket River, 40 of the tickets were sold, and 35 of the tickets have been checked in using the mobile check in app.

Mobile Ticket Stats


Customer Support

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